Groupama Team France agradece a todos os parceiros que tornaram possível chegar até aqui hoje:
março 23, 2017
Round Robin 1 – Course 13 : ?? FRA 1 – ?? GBR 0
maio 29, 2017
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Round Robin 1 – Course 7 : FRA 1 ?? – SWE 0 ??

Round Robin 1 – Course 7 : FRA 1 ?? – SWE 0 ??
Departure: Franck did what we call a “hook”, he comes positioned under the wind of Swedes, takes a priority position and blocks and Artemis Racing. The team has, therefore, the total mastery of departure.

After the transition to the 1St Buoy in mind, the crew misses his first maneuver and the swedes are taking the advantage. But at the end of the first board up close, the right speed of groupama team France coupled to a favourable rocking allows the French to take over the head, not to leave until the arrival.

Please note the work of Thomas Le Breton, who has handled his tactics with a risk-taking on the laylines. It turns out that in the jargon, the choice tactic that the crew has carried out at the door no. 5 is called the edge “Breton” to believe that it was predestined.

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