Multimar 32
October 7, 2016
ILC 25
October 7, 2016



  • LOA 9,30 m
  • LWL 9,01 m
  • BEAM MAX 3,20 m
  • DRAFT 2,10 m
  • DISPLACEMENT 1900 kg
A world tendency in Ocean racing, the One Design class, has minimal constructive tolerances, forming an equally competitive fleet and putting into an end the era of Rating that would have sailors waiting on shore for the results and arise doubts between the competitors. The objective was to create a high performance boat with high stability and easy to sail, all this with a cost that follows today's market. The structure follows classification rules set by ISO. Taking into consideration the final price, the hull was designed to be built in glass, with biaxial and unidirectional fiber, laminated by infusion in a high standard female matrix. To achieve the desired performance and stability Carbon Fiber was incorporated on the mast, rudder, bowsprit and keel. The hull shape has an advanced volume distribution, a high prismatic coefficient and a chine on the stern that provides good dynamic stability considering the projected sail area. The sail plan is proportional, especially with its asymmetrical spinnaker that taking into account the vessel low displacement can reach speeds of 18-20 knots at ideal conditions when sailing downwind. Another important detail is the boat's retractile propulsion system that excludes the unnecessary drag from the conventional systems. The deck is open and functional with its priority set in ergonomics during maneuvers. With a minimalistic interior, the boat is able to sail small offshore races like Santos/Rio and Fernando de Noronha, finally accomplishing the proposal of giving a competitive aspect to the pleasure of sailing.